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About Me

I am the recipient of the 2012 Courage to Come Back Award in the Mental Health category. Coast Mental Health gives the Courage to Come Back Awards to six recipients in British Columbia annually, who have faced extreme adversity and have given back to the community.

My pen name is Sandra Yuen MacKay incorporating my maiden name "Yuen". I have a Fine Arts Diploma from Langara College and a Bachelor of Arts in art history from the University of British Columbia. 

I've painted for over twenty years and took up writing in 2002. My acrylic paintings have been exhibited around Vancouver. My writing has been published in Front Magazine, The Bulletin and other publications. 

My memoir "My Schizophrenic Life: The Road to Recovery from Mental Illness" is published by Bridgeross Communications. It's a true story of my struggle with hallucinations, delusions and paranoia, eventual recovery and successes as a writer, artist, and advocate. I also published "Chop Shtick" a humorous novel about artists available on Amazon and Kindle.

I'm also a past editor and columnist for Majestic, an online newsletter for a writer's forum,

I enjoy walking, sushi, movies, and good conversation.