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Hit and Run

Posted by symackay on December 28, 2009 at 9:48 PM

So I was merrily doing my Christmas shopping before Christmas. On Friday the 18th, I noticed the right rear of my car had been damaged including a dent and a broken taillight. Because I park on the street, I deduced my car had been hit in the mall parking lot. I took the car to ICBC and got an estimate for damages, which was over $1400.00. Shame on the driver of the car that hit me. I remember a very long blue van parked across from me in the parking lot. It had a high bumper which could very well have hit my car, if the driver had put the van in reverse. No note, no witnesses, but a deductible for me.

So instead of festering and complaining about the injury to my vehicle, I took it to a repair shop and put it out of my mind.

At work in a meeting, we were reflecting on the past year and I said, "Working here has helped me because my car got a hit and run and it didn't bother me."

"This sounds interesting. Can you explain what you mean?" asked my boss. I laughed at how absurd the connection seemed to be.

"In this job, I've learned to deal with stresses, resolve conflicts and troubleshoot problems," I explained. "Three years ago, if my car had been hit, I'd probably not handle it as well as I did." The conversation shifted to other topics.

I remember when I worked in an office, I took home work-related problems and worried constantly about work. I'd stay late then arrive late the next morning. My absences were common. I determined that full-time work was not for me. I didn't have the stamina or the ability to pace myself.

In my present job, I try to separate work from my leisure time. I do what is required but try not to obsess, worry or get overly involved. I'm not paid to take total responsibility or run the show. 

So when Christmas arrived, I ate, laughed, opened presents, and slept after all the excitement. I think it's a sign of maturity that I'm mellowing - or I'm just getting older.

In the new year, I will be the editor of Majestic, Litdotorg's newsletter. Also, my novella "They Found Atlantis" is to be published in the Winter issue of Four Seasons, a new print magazine. I also have a couple of group art shows coming up which I am happy about.

I'd like to send out warm wishes to all parts of the globe. Blessings to all!

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