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Posted by symackay on April 5, 2010 at 8:52 PM

"In the cycle of life, it isn't what property you own, or what you've accumulated, it's about what you've done with what life has given you. Heaven is the reward."

My mother asked me, "Where did I get that quote?" I said, "It's mine!"

Sometimes I come up with truisms, other times something more insightful. It's true that you can't take it with you! Do I believe in heaven? If there wasn't a heaven, why strive? What is the point of doing good deeds or helping my fellow man?

If there is a God, and one day I am going to find out, I believe he is greater than all things.

I can see those atheists out there shaking their heads. "When you die, that's it. Dust to dust."  One of my friends believes in reincarnation and that every time you live a life you move forward and improve.

Am I a Christian? That seems to be out of vogue. My answer is I don't really know.

A Christian friend prayed with me and put me through the steps of confession and accepting Christ. By the next day, I didn't feel any different. My thoughts and emotions were the same. I didn't feel holy, I didn't feel anything.

Even if I was the most obedient Christian, I would still have a mental illness. I am selfish to some degree in the fact I go my own way and make my own decisions. Or is that called being an adult? I don't want to put my faith into something I can't see or understand.

The question of why does God let people suffer comes up. I read a book which said that there is evil in the world. God gives man free choice to follow him or not. He doesn't prevent all bad things from happening. He wants humankind to have freedom. God isn't passive but gives us the free will to choose to obey him or not. The alternative is, If he made life perfect and gave us all the belief of his undeniable greatness, we would be robots bending to his will.

I don't know if I buy that argument completely.

I'm still searching.

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